50,000 workers to develop Yamal fields

Bovanenkovskoe field, Yamal

Up to 50,000 qualified workers must be hired in connection with the development of the Bovanenkovskoe, Kharasaveyskoe and other fields in the Yamal Peninsula. A major number of them will be foreigners.


The question of hiring personnel is now getting critical, Mr. Dmitry Zayakin, head of a regional association of employers, says to journal “Neft i Kapital”, reports. Mr. Zayakin also confirms that 19,917 foreigners already work in oil and gas related projects in the region. Of these, 86 percent work in various construction project, while 3,7 percent are engaged in oil and gas extraction. In 2008, the number of foreigners working in Yamal will be increased to 22,560 and then in 2009 to almost 29,000. The fields in Yamal are top priority projects for Russian gas major Gazprom. The Bovanenkovskoe field is planned to be in production from year 2011. The field will be linked with a pipeline stretching westwards through the Komi Republic and a railway line