Control commission on foreign investments established

Photo: Gazprom

The Russian government has established a special commission, which is to be responsible for the control of foreign investments in strategic sectors, Minister of Finance Aleksey Kudrin confirms.


Russian legislators recently adopted a law, according to which 42 industrial sectors are categorised as “strategic” and thus subjected to special regulations for foreign investors. Foreign companies seeking a 50 percent or bigger stake in a strategic company will have to be approved by the special commission. Regulations are stricter for companies with foreign state ownership. In these cases, acquisitions of 25 percent stakes have to be approved by the commission. According to RIA Novosti, Finance Minister Kudrin now admits that he fears reduced foreign investments following the law. He also indicates that the number of strategic sectors might be reduced. Among the 42 strategic sectors are the nuclear, space and aviation industry, as well as military affairs, geological exploration and mineral extraction.