Shtokman plant in the pipeline

The Shtokman project

-Preparation works for the Shtokman LNG plant in Teriberka will start this August, Murmansk Governor Yuri Yevdokimov said last week. He also said that an airport and living quarters will be built at the site.


Talking in a seminar with Finnish business representatives last Wednesday, Mr. Yevdokimov said that the “vertical planning of the plant and infrastructure” will start in August. The Teriberka, a former fishing village, will also get “serious social infrastructure”, the governor said. The Shtokman field is located 550 km north of Murmansk. The field has 3,8 trillion cubic meters of gas, all of which will be pipelined to Teriberka. Parts of the gas will be turned into LNG, parts sent by pipeline to the Baltic Sea, from where it will be exported through the Nord Stream project. Head of the Sevmorneftegaz company, Mr. Yuri Komarov, has earlier confirmed that all documentation in the project will be prepared within the first half of 2009 and that construction will start in 2010. Production in the project is due in 2013.