Murmansk regional administration restructured


The Murmansk regional administration has got 60 additional powers and has hired 625 new people. Now several regional ministries will be established as part of a major administrative restructuring plan.


The Murmansk regional parliament has approved the establishment of ministries, reports. The restructuring is intended to make the administration better able to cope with its expanding responsibilities. The number of ministries is not yet settled. However, regional Governor Yuri Yevdokimov confirms that at least a Ministry of Industry and Energy, a Ministry Transport and Communications, a Ministry of External Affairs and a Ministry of Innovation and Investments will be established. The governor says that 60 new powers have been transferred to the regional administration and a total of 625 new people have been hired to handle the growing work load. He believes the new structure will make the ministry and department leaders better able to meet the demands and more independently take decisions.