CO2 capture technology breakthrough

A small Norwegian company has developed new technology for CO2 capture, and is now ready for an international launch of the technology in Hammerfest on the Barents Sea coast.


It is the small Norwegian firm Sargas which have developed the new technology for CO2 capture. Recent test results from a coal fired test plant outside Stockholm in Sweden show remarkable results, says board leader Henrik Fleischer to Norwegian newspaper Finnmark Dagblad. Sargas had hoped to capture between 90 and 95 percent of the CO2 in the testing. Mr Fleischer will not say what the test results were, but they were better than what he had expected. And the effect is apparently even better on gas fired power plants.

Hammerfest Energy, the company which runs the gas fired power station at the Snøhvit LNG-plant, is one of Sargas two partners in Norway. Hammerfest Energy is ready to take use of the technology as soon as the testing is finished. A pipeline which will transport CO2 from the power station at Melkøya to deposit it at the Snøhvit gas field is already in place.