Norwegian EU ambassador on Russia and High North

-There is no other option than to involve and engage Russia, Head of the Norwegian Mission to the European Union Ms Oda H. Sletnes says in an interview with the EU-Russia Centre.


She believes that the long history of people-to-people cooperation across the border in the North has laid an important basis for a good cooperative climate between Norway and Russia.

Ms. Sletnes, who has the rang of ambassador, says that the common border and common responsibility for management of the resources in the Barents Sea makes it necessary for Norway and Russia to cooperate and find practical solutions in spite of differences in size and politics.

Oda H SletnesHowever, this does not mean that Norway do not share concerns over certain developments. The ambassador especially highlights that the situation in the field of democracy and human rights in Russia is of concern, but that the issues are being discussed openly in bilateral meetings.

In the interview, the ambassador also maintains that Norway gives full support to, and take an active part in, the development of the new Northern Dimension