Norway drops court case against the ”Elektron”

Pirate trawler

Norwegian authorities have cancelled its planned court case against the Russian trawler “Elektron”. The Russian fishing vessel in late 2005 managed to run away from the Norwegian Coast Guard after having been arrested for illegal fishing.


The escape of the “Elektron” and the subsequent hunt by the Norwegian Coast Guard made it to the international headlines. The “Elektron” managed to make it into Russian territorial waters, and Norwegian authorities have since been planning court measures against the vessel and its owners. After a more than one year postponement, the court case was to start on 10 April. However, the Russian trawler owner did not turn up. Norwegian authorities have concluded that the company which up to now has owned the “Electron” is being dissolved, and have therefore decided to cancel the case. The “Elektron” has now renamed into “Peresvet”. The new owner of the vessel is the MRF Joint Stock Co in Murmansk