Game over for world’s deepest drilling hole

The Kolskaya Sverkhglubokaya

The Russian federal Property Agency (Rosimushchestvo) yesterday officially announced that the world’s deepest drilling hole, the Kolskaya Sverkhglubokaya (“Kola Super-deep”), will be abandoned.


The announcement from Mr. Boris Mikov, head of Rosimushchestvo in Murmansk Oblast, came as no surprise. BarentsObserver has previously reported that equipment and facilities from the site are being removed and sold as scrap metal.

The world’s deepest drilling hole (12262 meters), located just few kilometers from the border to Norway and Finland, will be left unmanned.

In a bid to discover new metal and minerals, Soviet authorities in the 1960s decided to start up a deep drilling project in the mineral-rich Pechenga rayon, close to the border of Norway.

Drilling at the site was started in 1970. When operations ended in 1992, the depth of the drilling hole was 12262 meters.

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