Nenets most efficient in Russia

Oil and gas regions are guaranteed the top places in the official rating.

Ministry of Regional Development estimates effectiveness of regional governments. Twenty top regions receive state grants.


Nenets Autonomous District, Tatarstan, Yamal-Nenets region, Moscow and St. Petersburg take the top five places in the evaluation.

This year the efficiency of regional governments is estimated by 12 criteria: population size and lifetime, volume of investments, unemployment rate, money incomes of the population, living facilities construction volume, number of students, who failed the unified state exams, and population opinion about regional government, Izvestia reports.

Nenets Autonomous District won the first place in terms of effectiveness and dynamics of development. It also has the best results in volume of tax and non-tax profit of the regional budget. The region has one of the lowest death-rates, and it has the third place on investment in equity, which is 14 times higher than the average number in Russia.

Some experts are disappointed by the evaluation procedure, offered by the Ministry of Regional Development. They believe it doesn’t illustrate the effectiveness of regional authorities, but just shows huge resource base of the regions. Big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg will always be granted the top positions in such rating, because the cities have more immigrants and lots of investments, but it has very little to do with the mayors’ work.

Russian Governors do not comment on the results of the rating before the official publication.