Arkhangelsk senator leaves Federation Council

One of the most liberal representatives in the upper chamber of parliament is ejected from his post.


Aleksandr Dobrynin will not get a renewed mandate to represent Arkhangelsk Oblast in the Federation Council, information from regional Governor Igor Orlov shows. Despite his expressed interest, the current senator is not on the list of candidates for the post presented this week, newspaper Izvestia reports.

Governor Orlov presented the list of prefered senators in connection with the upcoming governor’s election in the region.

Senator Dobrynin has during his three years in service become known for a number of issues considered controversial by the Russian political establishment. He was reportedly the only Russian MP who positively assessed gay marriages and has actively opposed the policies of Vitaly Milonov, one of the architects behind Russia’s anti-homosexuality legislation.

He has also been a staunch opponent of the new Russian legislation which introduces restrictions on the activities of bloggers and independent journalists, a LiveJournal post informs.

It came as a surprise when Governor Orlov in 2012 appointed the then 35-year old businessman to represent the region in the parliament chamber. Dobrynin came from a leading post in the Ilim Pulp company and had political experience only from the local Plesetsk municipal council. He had also been active in the local branch of the United People’s Front.

On the list of candidates for new senator are Arkhangelsk city Mayor Viktor Pavlenko, State Duma representative Yelena Vtorygina and former deputy governor Sergey Kovalyov.