Renewed confidence for Orlov

Igor Orlov will serve as Arkhangelsk governor until year 2020

Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov secures clear election victory amid record-low voter turnout.


Orlov, who has served as governor in the northwest Russian region since 2012, won 53,28 percent of the votes in this weekend’s governor’s elections.

None of the competitors were close to challenging the regional leader. Olga Ositsyna, the representative of the regional Liberal Democratic Party, won 19,21 percent of the votes and got second place, information from the regional government website shows.

Meanwhile, voter turnout dropped to a historical low. Only 20,99 percent of the electorate participated in the vote.

As previously reported, Orlov in May this year requested President Vladimir Putin’s support for re-election. With his resignation and subsequent election victory orlov can now stay in office until 2020. The Russian governor election period is five years.

For the past two years, Igor Orlov has chaired the Barents Regional Council, a cooperation body for thirteen Northwest Russian and Nordic counties and federation subjects.