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Amelia Jaycen

Amelia is an American journalist reporting on science and technology. She worked for the Office of Research and Economic Development at the University of North Texas highlighting research in biology, nanotechnology, geography, policy, computer science, chemistry and materials science. She currently freelances for north Texas newspapers and magazines while completing her master’s degree in journalism with a focus on multimedia, research-based reporting. Amelia is extremely interested in the relationships between industry, research institutes, policy and society and the intersection of science and culture, as well as the High North - one of the most fascinating places in the world.


Content by Amelia Jaycen

Map from Igarka to Dudinka to Norilsk Russia.

The 2014 International Field School in Siberia this July studies the effects of permafrost thaw on Russian cities.

Nikel, Russia is home of a nickel smelting plant.

Norilsk Nickel should move to a functioning, upgraded plant to stop pollution from Nikel.

Researchers drill into the ice near RV Lance during the N-ICE test cruise in February 2014.

When spring 2015 approaches, sun spilling the landscape will find a group of scientists adrift at sea on “RV Lance” – once a top-of-the-line seal hunting boat, now turned research vessel.

Land heated by 3 degrees will test the effects of climate change.

Climate change is a hot topic, and the issue is even “hotter” in the arctic since vast carbon stores make the north more sensitive to rising global temperatures.

Group portrait of Barents Summer School 2014 students, teachers and local leaders.

The inaugural Barents Summer School held this week in Kirkenes was initiated as part of the 20th anniversary 2013 summit of the Kirkenes Declaration.

Mine manager Ulf Daehlin speaks to chair of Energy and Environment Committee Ola Elevestuen and other liberal party members at the top of the Sydvaranger mine.

The Norwegian Liberal party visited the Sydvaranger iron-ore mine in Bjørnevatn outside Kirkenes to learn more about dumping of mining waste to sea.

Minister of Fisheries Elisabeth Aspaker examines a crab on her first crab fishing trip Saturday.

Minister of Fisheries Elisabeth Aspaker went on her first king crab fishing trip in Bugøynes Saturday for the conclusion of Fish Nation,

Greenpeace's ship "Esperanza" on site at the "Transocean Spitsbergen" drilling rig.

Greenpeace efforts to stop the northernmost oil prospect in the world failed after a standoff in the Barents Sea ultimately led to removal of the organization’s ship “Esperanza” by the Norwegian coastguard on Friday. The ship was released early Saturday morning 10 hours after what Greenpeace says was an illegal boarding by the coastguard in international waters.