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I have just completed the Bachelor of Journalism (honours) degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As co-winner of the Carleton Norway Journalism Travel Award, a scholarship sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in Canada, I am interning at the BarentsObserver this Spring to learn about Norway, Russia and Arctic issues.

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Content by Catherine Benesch

This week’s introduction of visa-free border crossings for residents of the designated border area is another sign of growing cross-border cooperation between Norway and Russia.

Murmansk-based doll maker Tatyana Gombash gives life to her fantasies through her art.

Ostriches may be native to African deserts, but this ostrich farmer says they get by just fine in the Russian Arctic too.

Deputy Ministers of the Arctic Council are negotiating a statement of common vision and need to continue working together for sustainable economic development, according to Sweden’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Bildt.

Australian tourist Pauline Dixon is quite literally on top of the world touring the Norwegian Arctic as part of her three month vacation

The U.S. Secretary of State is visiting northen Norway next month, highlighting the importance of the relationship between America and the Arctic.

A new report indicates Norway is emitting less greenhouse gases compared to previous years.

Canadian Inuit and Sami youth meet in Karasjok, Norway to celebrate their similarities and exchange cultures.

Little information from the oil companies and no independent observation of the cleanup efforts are making it difficult to know the extent of damage from the Trebs field oil spill in the Russian Arctic, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

If you see a lot of 50-øre coins on sidewalks, that’s because as of May 1, they are no longer in circulation in Norway.