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Daniel Bush

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Longyearbyen’s aging coal-fired power plant will remain open for at least one more year.

An electric vehicle topped car sales in Norway for the first time last month, a sign that drivers think unconventional autos are affordab

LONGYEARBYEN: Norwegian researchers conducting a climate change study on Svalbard have discovered shale gas in the Adventdalen Valley.

SVALBARD: As the planet warms, the perpetually frozen soil known as permafrost that covers Alaska, Siberia and other parts of the Norther

JOKKMOKK: Sami reindeer herders and mining companies have coexisted uneasily in the forests of northern Sweden since 1890, when the regio

Scientists are now extremely confident that humans are responsible for the global warming seen in the past six decades, according to a ne

KIRKENES: A group of Russian border guards last week conducted a live-fire exercise and weapons inspection at a Norwegian army post during an annual border guard exchange between the two countries.