Emma Jarratt

Emma Jarratt is a journalist from Toronto. A graduate from the Master’s of Journalism program at Ryerson University she is now working as a freelancer in broadcast and print. Emma was a recipient of the High North Journalism Award in 2014 and was nominated for 2014 COPA for best news coverage.

Emma works as a freelance producer for CTV’s morning show, Canada AM, in Toronto and as a reporter for the Arctic news agency BarentsObserver. She has reported on social issues, conflicts, business and national security from six countries.

Emma can be reached at [email protected] or found on Twitter @Em_CRJ. Here you can find her blog on the High North.


Content by Emma Jarratt

New data released today confirms what many in the fishing industry suspected: Nigeria is the world’s top buyer of Lofoten’s stockfish this year, eclipsing the once dominant Italian market by 20 per cent.

From a tiny ski hill start up to a booming resort town that hosts some of the biggest names in skiing, Levi has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

It’s about to get much more expensive to live in Arctic Russia. Bankers and economists are predicting a black day on the Russian market saying the ruble is set to take another tumble - the biggest single day fall since 1998.

Canada has fallen behind on meeting its promised Arctic investments, even while new data show its aggregate public spending in the three northern territories is among the highest in the world.

Lofoten in the winter shows a (darker) side of Norway not often seen by tourists, but one that’s just as awe-inspiring and majestic as the high summer months.

Canadian ambassador to Norway, David Sproule, sat down with BarentsObserver on a recent visit to Kirkenes to talk Arctic relations, Canadian-Norwegian cooperation and future projects between the two countries.

Members of the LGBT community in Murmansk speak out about living in a country where the government has declared them an enemy of the state. One organization is reaching out to help youth and adults overcome the stigma and prejudice of homosexuality and live openly. But some are finding escape from Russia is the only way to gain freedom.

Civic engagement is moving online as My City takes hold outside its native Russia. Tromsø is the most recent city to get the interactive map, using it to decide what the city will look like in 30 years.

It takes a village…to move a city? An entire Arctic town is being forced to relocate after the world’s largest iron ore mine got the green light to gobble up the land under the city. The lead architect for the operation talks about how the people of Kiruna have had to come together to create a new home.

A northern community in Finland has not only gone off the grid – it’s never been on it. Why Kempele ecovillage could be the prototype neighbourhood for future northern green communities.