Heather Yundt

Heather Yundt is an intern with the BarentsObserver. She recently completed the Master of Journalism program at Carleton University in Ottawa and has an undergraduate degree in Global Development Studies. She’s interested in international journalism, current affairs, and radio.

Content by Heather Yundt

This week’s introduction of visa-free border crossings for residents of the designated border area is another sign of growing cross-border cooperation between Norway and Russia.

Murmansk-based doll maker Tatyana Gombash gives life to her fantasies through her art.

Ostriches may be native to African deserts, but this ostrich farmer says they get by just fine in the Russian Arctic too.

In the 1600s, the fishing village of Vardø was believed to be close to hell. It was here that 91 men and women were convicted of witchcraft and executed.

Internal documents reveal the Canadian army lacks the gear it needs to carry out its summer Arctic operations.

It has long been believed that 40 per cent of Arctic tundra would disappear by the end of the century. New research tells a different story.

Canadian Inuit and Sami youth meet in Karasjok, Norway to celebrate their similarities and exchange cultures.

The European Space Agency lost contact with its Earth-observing satellite in April. The satellite provided crucial data used for climate change and earth science research.

As the summer Arctic sea-ice declines, polar bears are swimming hundreds of kilometres nonstop to find food.