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Jonas Karlsbakk
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Jonas has been working for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat since 2008. He has a Masters Degree in Geography from NTNU in Trondheim from 2003. Between 2003 and 2008 he worked as a journalist in the local newspaper in Kirkenes, Sør-Varanger Avis.

Content by Jonas Karlsbakk

HAPARANDA: Norwagon founder Matthew Lynch is aimed on getting adventurous persons to far-flung spots on low cost.

Only centimetres separated the entire city centre of Naryan-Mar from being flooded by the Pechora river, as flooding season has reached extreme levels in Nenets this year. See photos from the flooded area.

TROMSØ: Youth from all four Barents countries competing in nine different sports gathered for the first Barents Winter Games. See the photos.

The Norwegian fish farming company Kirkenes Charr has been given licence for salmon smolt production and aims at a close cooperation with Russian fish farming companies for their product.

NIKEL: A €26 million investment at the Russian border checkpoint to Norway will eliminate all queues on the Russian side. The reconstruction of the checkpoint is planned to be finished by 2015.

STORSKOG: Watch BOTV’s saturday morning report from Storskog border checkpoint.

The cross-border cooperation between Norway and Russia has had huge impact on local business in the border towns of Nikel and Kirkenes, especially since the introduction of visa-free border crossings.

TROMSØ: For the next two years Governor Igor Orlov will chair the Barents Regional Council. One of Orlov´s main focuses will be to promote business for youth, especially within tourism.

STORSKOG: Queues are getting longer as traffic between Russia and Norway is now twice the capacity at the old border check-point. Chief of Police in Eastern Finnmark, Ellen Kathrine Hætta, urges funding to new facilities.

However, still no oil in the Johan Castberg area in the Barents Sea, so the search for exploitable oil resources in the neighboring prospects continues for Statoil.