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Mikkel Berg-Nordlie

Russian Sami may not have a parliament yet, but they are organized and engaged, say a group of Norwegians researchers. These researchers have embarked on a new project exploring Russian Sami politics and organizations in order to enhance public knowledge about the indigenous group.


The Barents Sea is particularly vulnerable to lowering pH levels and increasing acidification, say some scientists. Its cold water temperatures allow it to absorb greater amounts of CO2 than warm waters, meaning, the Barents Sea could acidify quicker than other water systems in the world, threatening biodiversity.

Jørgen Hals, wave energy researcher at NTNU (Photo: Margaret Cappa)

Wave-generated electricity could become more affordable and widely-used, even in the Arctic. Thanks to a Norwegian researcher, a new and unique machine can test the three main methods of wave energy conversion to determine which is the most effective, affordable and ultimately, worth research and development investment.