Maria Goman

Maria Goman

Maria Goman works at the Murmansk office of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

Content by Maria Goman

How cold is it really to swim 1,000 m in ic cold water? See the photos from the World Championship that took place in Murmansk.

Zhanna Guzenko, who has been chair of the Barents Regional Youth Council for the last two years, has taken up position as CEO of the Barents Youth Cooperation Office in Murmansk.

The Olympic Flame relay made its way through Murmansk: 16 km distance, 5 city landmarks with 82 torch-bearers from the Barents Region.

Bruce I.Turner is impressed by the Barents cooperation success on the regional level. He stresses the importance of people-to-people cooperation and would like to have the same for Russia and the US.

Lessons learned and priorities for the future are up for discussion when the 20-years anniversary of the Barents cooperation will be marked in Murmansk this week.

Murmansk celebrates the 20th anniversary of Barents cooperation! This Saturday, 19 January, all willing had a chance to express their feelings towards Barents cooperation on the central city stadium.

Russian-Norwegian border has been moved to the center of Murmansk. Now people passing by can easily cross the border on their way to a shop or a cafe, and no visa is needed.

The Norwegian language along with Norway-related activities in Murmansk are extremely popular. The recent opening of the Norwegian club is yet another proof.

Dmitry Seregin – Shtokman Development AG, photo: Alexey Filin BarentsObserver

Shtokman Development AG intends to pursue transparency as regards information policy, the Head of Information Policy and Communications Department Dmitry Seregin says to BarentsObserver.

Valery Berkov, Photo: Ingar Storfjell

A prominent specialist in Scandinavian philology Valery Berkov aged 81 has passed away on the 9th of October in Oslo.