Morten Brugård

Morten Brugård is Adviser with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and coordinator of the Norwegian part of the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project in the Barents Region.

Content by Morten Brugård

Analysts predict Russian New Year’s stocks rally due to the pardon of Russian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

A Financial Times analysis paints a grim picture of Russia’s future economic development, hinting BRICS could turn to be BICS.

Advances in fuel-efficient and renewable-energy technologies are curbing demand for fossil fuels and may end the oil era in the Arctic before it begins.

The future of the Barents region depends on its ability to foster youth entrepreneurship to create new jobs, new markets and new products. Within the ENPI Kolartic programme Young Innovative Entrepreneurs we strive to support and inspire young entrepreneurs in order to create dense networks that may be the first step towards a self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barents.

Ina Bjørnrå from Greenpeace stresses the fact that a melting Arctic is alarming. The recent focus on the Arctic revolves around the opportunities arising as polar ice retracts, rather than the challenges climate changes are causing.

Signing the Arctic Council Host Country agreement in Tromsø yesterday, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide explicitly expressed that he will work towards admitting China observer status in the Arctic Council. Carl Bildt, Chair of the Arctic Council and Swedish Foreign Minister supported the statement.

Tour operators in the Barents region experience a high influx of ready-to-spend tourists. New trends are tourists willing to pay a higher price for niche products like Arctic winter tourism.

Transparency International, a civil society anti-corruption watchdog, ranked Russia 133rd out of a total of 174 in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012.

Vitaly Kocherin, Satu Maarit Natunen and Reidar Solberg come from three different countries in Sápmi and by sharing experiences hope to boost their businesses.

This is the Norwegian group of the young entrepreneurs contributing to cross-border economic and social development in the Barents region.