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Walking in to the tourist office in Kirkenes, he would have looked like any other visitor to the small north Norwegian town.

Tatiana Ivanovskaja of Kola city in Russia has adopted 12 children from families affected by alcoholism. Her profile will be fea

Many women in the Barents region enjoy a level of gender equality unmatched anywhere else in the world, but those behind a new project called Her High North still believe women’s issues in the region need more attention.

Norwegian oil company Statoil encouraging more local youth to study science and pursue careers exploring for new oil fields in the Barents Sea.

Grimsvøtn volcano

All Norwegian flights between mainland Norway and Svalbard are temporarily cancelled as ash from the Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano swept across the Norwegian area of the Barents Sea on Monday night. Russian flights are still operating in the area.

Classical music singer Anne-Lise Berntsen is promoting her Pomor Ensemble for cultural exchange between Russia and Norway. Photo

Norwegian classical singer Anne-Lise Berntsen has modeled a musical project after the centuries-old practice of trade between the Norwegians in East Finnmark and Russians living on the coast of the White Sea.

Elena Tolstenko received a Woman of the Year award for her work at her family`s reindeer herding community near Loparskaya, Russ

A Russian Sámi ‘Woman of the Year’ has collected an award for innovative business technology while practicing the traditions of her ancestors.

Geir Torbjørnsen, founder and director of Barel AS electronics company in one of the company`s factories located in Kirkenes.

Decades ago, in the small mining town of Kirkenes, one boy was dreaming up a big idea.

Adam Zetterqvist speaking at the Barents Press International Meeting in Levi, Finland on May 7, 2011. Photo: Ora Morison

Young eyes looking at the Barents Region right now see something they want to share with the world.

China eyes Arctic shipping as the ice-cap melts.

The Chinese ambassador to Norway wants the Norwegian government to apologize for awarding Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Norway ranks first in the world and Sweden and Finland place among the top ten countries on Save the Children’s Mothers’ Index.