Thomas Nilsen

Thomas worked for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat between 2003 and 2015. Between 2009 and 2015 he was the editor of BarentsObserver. Before that he worked 12 years for the Bellona Foundation’s Russian study group, focusing on nuclear safety issues and general environmental challenges in northern areas and the Arctic.

Thomas has been travelling extensively in the Barents Region and northern Russia since the late 80’s working for different media and organizations. He is also a guide at sea and in remote locations in the Russian north for various groups and regularly lectures on security issues and socio-economic development in the Barents Region. Thomas Nilsen studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

Content by Thomas Nilsen

Russia’s largest nuclear powered icebreaker is currently crushing the Arctic sea ice with 117 tourists on board.

Pskovavia has no plans to restart the flight from northern Russia to Tromsø. 

Nuclear safety projects in the Murmansk region wouldn’t be the same without her contribution. Finnish European Parliament Member Heidi Hautala is today one of 89 Europeans barred from Russia in response to EU sanctions over Crimea and Ukraine. 

Russia’s Air Force will more than triple the number of Tu-160 strategic bombers.

“Worrisome that elected politicians in northern Norway advocate less critical journalism and editorial freedom in one of the few news sites that cover the Barents region.”

Three American internet firms could be blocked if they don’t hand over names of relevant bloggers to the authorities.

President Putin has accepted the resignation of Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov. He will continue as acting Governor, preparing the ground for elections in the fall.

Nearly a hundred fighter jets participates as the joint exercise Arctic Challenge 2015 starts Monday in the skies over northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Persons working inside Russia for foreign organizations or firms listed as “undesirable” can get hefty fines or get sentences of up to six years in prison. Norway says it is important to continue giving grants to cross-border NGO cooperation.

Norway’s Foreign Ministry sends a crystal clear message to the owners of BarentsObserver.