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Finland’s Finance Ministry says Finnish public finances will remain in deficit until the end of the decade, even if government implements proposed deep spending cuts.

The majority of people seeking asylum in Finland are arriving through the city of Tornio in Lapland, which has an open border with Sweden.

The elections for the next Sámi Parliament began on Monday. Yle, Finland’s public broadcaster, has launched two new online services to provide information on the elections.

The Finnish Border Guard says it’s concerned about the security along the eastern border with Russia, as budgetary cutbacks have caused a 40 percent drop in patrols in recent years.


Finnish exports to Russia have been declining since 2013, when Russia was still Finland’s largest trading partner.

Norwegian business leaders and academics interviewed by Yle’s Swedish-language news service say they are disappointed in the overall level of Swedish language skills among its job applicants from Finland.

The nation was hoping for economic turnaround this year. Instead, 2015 threatens to become Finland’s fourth consecutive year of recession.

Researchers say that in 35 years, Finland could theoretically get all of its energy needs using only renewable energy sources.

According to a doctoral dissertation to be published by the University of Helsinki, the indigenous Sámi people of Northern Finland generally have lower cancer rates than the rest of the country’s population.

An Irish mining company’s bid to begin prospecting for diamonds in Utsjoki, northern Finland has fallen flat following opposition to the venture by locals.