Border crossings up 36 percent

Storskog border station.

Both more Russians and Norwegians are crossing the border at Storskog / BorisGleb.


February statistics from the Norwegian police border authorities shows an increase of more than 3,000 border-crossings year-on-year.

In total 11,608 border crossings were registered at the Norwegian-Russian border in February, up from 8,524 last February.

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Largest increase is Russian citizens travelling with multi-entry visa for shopping, pleasure or business to Norway. The numbers of Norwegians crossing in to the Kola Peninsula also increased year-on-year according to the statistics from the border police.

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A Norwegian working group is soon expected to present a report suggesting intermediate measures at the Norwegian border station Storskog to coop with the increase in number of travellers. In the longer term, a brand new and more effective border station will be built.