Expects near €4 billion net profit

Nikel plant

The biggest air-polluter in the Barents Region, Norilsk-Nickel, is doing well in terms of income.


In a conversation with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, General Director Vladimir Strzhalkovsky said Norilsk-Nickel expects 2010 revenue to reach some €11 billion.

Norilsk-Nickel is the largest private company on Russia’s Kola Peninsula with mines and processing plant in Zapolyarny and smelters in Nikel and Monchegorsk.

Quoted by RIA Novosti, General Director Strzhalkovsky said the company’s capitalization increased 90 percent in 2010. –The year has ended successfully, he added.

As reported by BarentsObserver Norilsk-Nickel posted a first-half net profit of €1,75 billion, up from the 2009 €327 million.