Murmansk port included in 72 hours visa-free list


The Russian Government has included Murmansk into the list of ports that are allowed to receive cruise-vessel tourists to visit the city for up to three days without holding a Russian visa.


The non-visa allowance include tourists from other nations arriving in Murmansk on ferries or cruise vessels, reports the regional news-portal Murmansk Business News.

At a recent meeting in Murmansk, the Norwegian cruise-liner Hurtigruten discussed the plans for establishing a ferry service between the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes to Murmansk. Today Hurtigruten operates cruise vessels on daily route from Bergen in southwestern Norway to Kirkenes.

An extended route from Kirkenes to Murmansk could be in place from mid-2011.

In the early 90-ties, a passenger catamaran operated the route between Kirkenes and Murmansk daily in the summer period. Also then, passengers traveling with the catamaran there and back could travel without holding a Russian visa.