More Nenets oil planned for Barents shipping

Varandey terminal in the ice.

New pipeline could be built to increase shipment from Varandey terminal.


Several Russian oil companies operating in the Nenets Autonomous District are considering building a new pipeline to Lukoil’s Varandey oil terminal on the coast of the Pechora Sea.

With operating licences for the fields Trebs, Titov, Naulskoye and Labaganskoye, the companies Bashneft, Rosneft and Zarubezhneft are looking for effective ways to transport the oil to the markets. Lukoil’s Varandey terminal on the coast is an interesting option since it has free capacity, reports RBCnews.

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Varandey has reportedly a capacity of 12 million tons oil annually. 

If the companies agree to build the pipeline to Varandey, the amount of crude-oil to be shipped through the Barents Sea will rise sharply.