More Yamal projects coming up

The Yamal Peninsula (photo:

Another two giant fields in the Yamal Peninsula will be put in production by year 2020, Gazprom says.


The Kharasaveyskoye field will be ready for production in 2019 while the Kruzenshternskoye will be completed in 2020, General Director of Gazprom Dobycha Nadym Sergei Menshikov confirms in Gazprom’s corporate journal, reports.

The Kharasaveyskoye field alone contains an estimated two trillion cubic meter of gas and 127,6 million tons of condensate, while the Kruzenshternskoye holds about 965 million cubic meters. Both of the fields are located partly offshore in the Kara Sea.

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The Kharasaveyskoye and the Kruzenshternskoye are located near the Bovanenkovo field on the western side of the peninsula and can easily be connected with existing infrastructure.

Gazprom is also preparing for the development of two more regional fields, the Nilivoyskoye and the Seyakhinskoye. In these two fields, Gazprom Neft will be the operator company, Menshikov confirms.

Gazprom has Yamal as its top priority area. Major sums are currently being invested in the Bovanenko project, which holds almost five trillion cubic meters of gas. A west-bound pipeline is under construction and a new railway is linking the field with the national railway grid.

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