TGK-1 upgraded Teriberka hydropower station

Teriberka, Murmansk Oblast

The Murmansk division of the TGK-1 company has completed a technical upgrade of one of its four hydropower generators in the Serebryanskaya Station


The Serebryanskaya hydropower complex is located northeast of Murmansk City near the village of Teriberka. It includes four generating stations located in two nearby rivers. The total capacity of the stations is 512 MWH, which makes up 32 percent of the hydropower capacity of the Kola Peninsula, a press release from the company informs. The company has spent 18,4 million RUB on the upgrade, RIA Novosti reports. Similar upgrades need to be conducted once every 5-7 years, the news agency informs. The Territorial Generating Company No 1 (TGK-1) owns and operates power generating units in Murmansk Oblast, Republic of Karelia, Leningrad Oblast and the city of St. Petersburg.