Shooting cruise missiles in the borderland

The Northern Fleet this summer shot cruise missiles from the Rybachi peninsula.

The Northern Fleet has in the course of summer 2013 fired seven cruise missiles from the Rybachi Peninsula, just few kilometers from the borderline with Norway.


A missile-artillery unit of the Northern Fleet has successfully launched a total of seven cruise missiles from the peninsula located in the immediate vicinity of the Russian state border. According to the Northern Fleet press service, the missiles successfully hit their targets in the Barents Sea.

The missiles were launched from mobile installation in the Rybachi and Sredny peninsulas. The western shores of the peninsulas are located only about 30 km from the border to Norway. On clear days, people in the Norwegian town of Vardø can easily spot the Russian land in the horizon.

The Northern Fleet unit has been based at the Rybachi and Sredny the last 1,5 month. The last part of personnel and exquipment was this week picked up by the mayor landing ship “ Aleksandr Otrakovsky”, the Northern Fleet informs.

Russia has several mobile coastal missile complexes, among them the Bal complex (SSC-6 “Sennight”) which has been applied by the Armed Forces since 2004. Other complexes include the “Redut” and “Rubezh”. Russia also has the powerful S-300 surface-to-air system. As previously reported, the latter system was applied in training at the Kildin island outside Murmansk in 2010.