Airships for Russian Arctic patrol

The state-owned company DKBA is developing airships for commercial and military operations.

A Russian governmental commission proposes to deploy a series of airships in Arctic regions, designed for surveillance of oil installations and military objects.


The deployment of the airships should start already in 2016, the Government Military-Industrial Commission writes in a new report. The flying objects should be equipped with thermal cameras, laser devices, radio locators and video cameras, newspaper Izvestia reports.

If mass-produced, the airships will be a highly cost-efficient way to monitor Arctic developments, the report argues. The document was presented at the recent Economic Forum in Krasnoyarsk. The technology applied can be based on unmanned models developed by DKBA - the only state-owned enterprise in Russia engaged in the development of airships and other aeronautic equipment.

The Anjuta airship, one of the models developed by the DKBA, is reportedly able to lift 200 kg of equipment at a height of 1000 meters, the company informs