Itar-Tass posts Arctic war games video

Live-fire exercise in September 2014, New Siberian Islands.

First large live-fire exercise at 76°N in Post-Soviet times with vessels from Russia’s Northern fleet involved downing of a cruise missile.


Severomorsk-based anti-submarine vessel “Admiral Levchnko” conducted a live-fire exercise against simulated aerial and sea targets from its position outside the New Siberian Island of Kotelniy, according to a statement from the Northern fleet’s press-spokesman Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

“According to the scenario of the exercises, units of the tactical group, acting in coordination with the ship unit, fought to repel aerial attacks by an imaginary adversary and fired at simulated targets. During the drills, a crew operating a Rubezh coastal missile system, deployed on one of the positions on Kotelny Island, launched strikes against a Termit target cruise missile,” says Vadim Serga.

The Russian state-own news agency Itar-Tass has posted a video of the war games showing heavy firing of rockets, multiple missile systems and artillery. The far north war drill comes after President Vladimir Putin continuously over the last few years has stressed the importance military presence in the Arctic.

Also Kremlin’s English language information channel RT has blog-posted videos and articles from the naval group’s voyage from Severomorsk on the Kola Peninsula towards the New Siberia Islands on the Northern Sea Route. 

The naval vessels brought with them some 3,000 tons of equipment for installation at Russia’s new Arctic military base.

The tactical group now established in the area will be equipped with missile systems, including anti-aircraft defence, a radiotechnical unit, as well as a material and technical supply unit, the Ministry of Defence informs.