Arctic Brigade trains counter-terrorism at Novaya Zemlya

Russia's new Arctic Brigade has the last few months engaged in drills on several sites in the Russian Arctic.

In their third major drill this year, Russia’s specialized Arctic soldiers fight terrorists in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.


In the training scenario, the soldiers elimate terrorists who have  taken control of the local Rogachevo airport.

The first to move in on site was a reconnaissance team on ATVs, the Northern Fleet press service informs. At the same time, landing craft carriers put soldiers on shore in the nearby Rogachevo Bay, and these subsequently move 20 km towards the airport with multipurpose armoured MT-LBV vehicles.

For Russia’s new Arctic Brigade, the drill was the third in a row in only few months. The special soldiers this summer first engaged in a training exercise at Kotelny in the New Siberian Islands and then took part in a major drill in and around the city of Norilsk in the Taimyr Peninsula.

The training is making the soldiers ready to act in scenarios relevant for the situation in the Arctic, the Navy press release reads.

As previously reported, the Russian Arctic Brigade is based partly on the 80th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade in Alakurtti and the 200. Independent Motor Rifle Brigade in Pechenga, both of them located near the borders to Norway and Finland.