Battle ship in Arctic emergency training

The Northern Fleet signals that is is ready to take on rescue and emergency operations. Photo:

Russian Navy flagship “Pyotr Veliky” this week engages in rescue and emergency training in the Kara Sea.


The Russian Northern Fleet will be ready to assist in emergency situations along the Northern Sea Route, the Navy leadership clearly signaled in this week’s training in the Kara Sea.

In the exercise, the 250 meter long nuclear-powered battle cruiser “Pyotr Veliky” successfully rescued the crew in a fictitiously wrecked ship under harsh weather conditions, a press release from the Navy informs. The two vessels maneuvered in relation to eachother and applied international standardized communication frequencies.

The exercise is part of a major ongoing Northern Fleet mission to the Kara Sea. According to the Navy, more than 7000 people and as many as 20 vessels, both surface ships and submarines, are involved. In addition, more than 30 aircrafts take part.

As previously reported, the “Pyotr Veliky” left its home port of Severomorsk on 12 September.

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