Indians dive the White Sea

Crew members on the outer deck of a Kilo-class submarine. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

The crew on the Indian submarine cast off and set sail for two weeks of sea trails with new weapons and equipment.


The Russian built, but Indian operated submarine sailed out from Severodvinsk on Monday, reports the portal of the Zvezdochka shipyard. 

Indian Navy Submarine (INS) “Sindhurakshak” has for the past two years been modernized at the Russian submarine yard in Severodvinsk. The complete overhaul includes the superstructure of the hull, improved control systems, electronic warfare system and new weapon control systems. 

India and Russia has for decades been cooperating on weapon systems, including sale of Russian built Kilo-class diesel electric submarines. When “Sindhurakshak” returns to Severodvinsk in mid-November, another two Indian owned Kilo-class submarines will set sail for sea trails.

Russia has built ten Kilo-class submarines for India. In addition, the nuclear powered Akula-class submarine “Nerpa” is currently lent to India by Russia’s Pacific fleet.

During the summer months this year, the former USSR built, now modernized aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” was tested in the Barents Sea by Indian navy personnel. The tests resulted in a massive engine failure and the carrier had to return to Severodvinsk for yet another year of repair.