Kursk’s sister ship returns to service

The "Voronezh"

The nuclear-powered Oscar-II class submarine “Voronezh” ready for mission again after five years of repair.


The “Voronezh” submarine has just returned to Severodvinsk after sea trails following a long-lasting repair period at the Zvezdockha yard. The nuclear powered submarine is similar to the ill-fated “Kursk” that tragically sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000.

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Voronezh” was taken to the Zvezdockha submarine yard in October 2006 for emergency repairs of the main turbine and to change the uranium fuel from her two reactors. In May 2009, the submarine was launched to sea again from the dock to complete the repairs afloat, a work that was supposed to be completed during 2009 BarentsObserver reported with reference to Vladimir Nikitin, General Director of Zvezdockha.

Itar-Tass reports today that “Voronezh” will be transferred to the Northern fleet for active service again during November. Following the repairs, the submarine will have an extended service life of 3,5 years.

The Oscar-II class is a multi-purpose submarine carrying cruise-missiles. They have their homeport on the Kola Peninsula, west of Murmansk.