Submarine rescued crew from sinking boat

Illustration photo: Thomas Nilsen

The crew from the sinking fishing vessel “Ribatchi” were rescued by the Russian navy’s nuclear powered submarine “Daniil Moskovsky” in the Barents Sea on Sunday.


“Ribatchi” was a two manned small fishing boat en route somewhere off the coast of the Kola Peninsula, reported to be somewhere between Liinakhamari and Teriberka, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda. Water started to leak in to the engine room, the vessel lost power and triggered the emergency alarm signal, reports Murmanski Vestnik.

The nearest vessel turned out to be a nuclear powered submarine on patrol in the waters. All of the Russian nuclear powered submarines based on the Kola Peninsula have their homeports along the coast between the border to Norway and the Kola bay.

“Having received information about the emergency with the fishing vessel, the crew of the nuclear powered submarine “Daniil Moskovsky”, that where in the immediate vicinity of the disaster began a rescue operation,” says head of the Northern fleet’s press service, Vadim Serga to Interfax.

The weather in the area was bad with strong winds and poor visibility. The two crew members from “Ribatchi” were rescued before the vessel sank.