Testing Indian aircraft carrier in Barents Sea

The refubished «Admiral Gorshkov» is ready for test sailing in the Barents Sea.


The 45,000 tons and 273 meter long ship is expected to undergo testing in the Barents Sea in the course of May, a source associated with the Russian military industrial complex told Itar-Tass. In addition, the ship will undertake a 3,5 month test expedition

Then, on 4 December, the ship will be handed over to the Indian Navy, the source says.

It has taken the Sevmash yard more than eight years to complete the extensive upgrade of the vessel. The yard signed a contract with Indian authorities in 2004. However, it soon turned out the the yard was incapable of meeting neither timelines, nor cost frames.

The modernization of the vessel dragged out in time and became a headache in Russian-Indian relations.

The vessel, which in Russia has carried the name «Admiral Gorshov», will in India be known as the «Vikramaditja». The ship entered service in the Soviet Navy in 1987 under the name «Baku». It was taken out of service in 2004, after which the Indian Navy announced its interest in its takeover.

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The upgrades of the ship has cost more than €1.66 billion.

The aircraft carrier has capacity to house up to 16 Mig-29K fighter aircrafts, as well as a number of Mig-29KUB aircrafts and up to ten helicopters, Vedomosti reports. As part of the deal with the «Vikramaditja», India also ordered a total of 29 Mig-29K/KUB fighter jets.