Doubled traffic from mobile devices

Play around with the size of your browser window and see how BarentsObserver renders across varying screen sizes.

Over the last eight months BarentsObserver has seen a doubling of traffic to our website from mobile devices. The largest increase comes from Russia.


In April this year, BarentsObserver shifted its publishing platform and presented new responsive design. Our new design automatically adapts content so it always reads perfectly no matter what device you chose; desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

A doubling of traffic from mobile devices clearly shows the success of responsive design and the new trend among our readers. BarentsObserver is a news-source our users want as they are on the move; not only from their office desk. The change follows a trend seen among all online publishers, although BarentsObserver’s sharp increase in readers accessing from mobile devices is climbing faster than many others. 

In November this year 11 percent of our readers accessed BarentsObserver from a mobile platform, up from 4 percent in November 2011. The sharpest increase comes from Russia with a quadrupling over the last 12 months. St. Petersburg and Murmansk are now our top cities of mobile devices readers. Norwegian readers follows with an increase of 2,5 times from mobile devices. USA follows on the third place, then Sweden and Finland.

Apple’s iPad counts for nearly half of the traffic from mobile devices to BarentsObserver, followed by the smartphones iPhone, Samsung Galaxy’s II and III series.