Police Academy cadets in strip-bar trouble

The midnight sun gives long bright and lively nights in Murmansk.

Three cadets from the Norwegian Police University College claim they were assaulted and robbed on their way out after a late evening at the striptease bar XXXX in Murmansk. Local law enforcement sources tells another story.


A group of 16 Norwegian cadets that currently have practice deployment at different police stations in Finnmark arrived in Murmansk Tuesday on the academy’s annual study tour, according to a press-release sent to BarentsObserver.

Most of the cadets went the same evening to what the Police University College names “a nightspot” without giving further details. According to the Murmansk version of Komsomolskaya Pravda, the nightspot in question is the bar XXXX on Kolski Prospekt.

Bar XXXX is a newly opened nightclub that markets itself as a “hot bar” with striptease, pole-dance, different erotic shows, and has a homepage with loads of smiling half-naked men and women, mostly the last.

The rules of the bar encourages guest to show their sexy underwear and girls to “change their bra for a bottle of champagne in a dance on the bar after midnight!”

According to a law enforcement source in Murmansk speaking to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the majority of the police cadets went home from the nightclub, but three of them continued to stay.

Thereafter, two different stories are told. The Norwegian press-release reads that the three students claim “a gang of criminals” attacked them when they were “on their way out from the nightspot” while the law enforcement source in Murmansk says “misunderstandings inside the bar lead to a fight” that quickly ended and the two groups became friends again, whereafter the Russians assisted the Norwegians back to their hotel.

The Norwegian press-release reads that after being attacked on their way out from the nightspot, the three police students were “taken away and threatened to give away their money.”

The Murmansk-branch of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms the fight at the bar. “The persons involved were examined by doctors, but none was injured,” reads a press-release issued on the case. The incident is now under investigation by local police.

Another of the Norwegian police cadets, according to the press-release, ended the evening in the arrest. On his way back to the hotel from the same nightspot, the cadet was arrested accused of vandalism. He was later released and according to Komsomolskaya Pravda taken care of by the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk.

The Consulate General says to BarentsObserver that all questions in this case should be addressed to the Police University College. The press-service at the University College has not replied to BarentsObserver’s question whether it is normal that police cadets on study tours visit stip-bars.

The press-release says the program for the study tour was to visit the Police Academy in Murmansk and the Norwegian Consulate General. All students will be back in Norway by Thursday. The visit to Murmansk is partly financed by the Police University College and partly by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.