Stray dogs are problem in border area

People in the border area fear that stray dogs from Russia can infect other dogs and animals. (Photo from

Stray dogs from Russia have been spotted on the Norwegian side of the border. Police have given hunters in the Pasvik valley permission to shoot them.


Kola Peninsula holds a rather high number of stray dogs. From time to time these animals cross the border into Norway. Lately a pack of 8-10 dogs has been spotted in the Pasvik area, and the police have now given local hunter permission to shoot the animals.

“Dogs from Russia, as well as Finland, can have diseases we do not want to have in this country, that’s why we have decided that the animals should be shot and sent to examination”, says Einar Ingilæ at Kirkenes police Station to Finnmarken.

The Pasvik river between the two countries is covered with ice, making it easy for the dogs to enter Norway. Ingilæ underlines that the animals are shy and afraid of people, but that they are unwanted in Norway because they can infect dogs and other animals with dreaded illnesses like rabies and Echinococcus (tapeworms). Both diseases have been found on the Kola Peninsula.

The border guard service warns dog owners in the border area to take care of their dogs to keep them from running across the river and into Russia.