Most popular baby names in Barents Region

Emma, Anastasia, William or Juhani? Patchwork Barents presents the most popular baby names in the Barents Region.

Do you think Ivan and Ola are still the most popular names in the Barents Region? Not anymore. Patchwork Barents reveals the currently most popular names given to newborns across the region.


With a population exceeding 5.5 million, the Barents Region represents a great variety of cultures and languages. However, when it comes to parents giving names to their newborn children, there is far less variation between the countries than one might imagine. In fact, similar name trends are shared by Norway/Sweden and Finland/Russia.

So what are currently the most popular baby names given to newborns in the Barents Region? Patchwork Barents has used data from 2013 and 2014 to illustrate the regional trends.

The visualizations below show the most popular boys’ and girls’ names in Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Finnish parts of the Barents Region.

As seen from the visualization, the most popular baby names for girls were Emma and Linnea in Northern Norway, Elsa in Northern Sweden and Maria in the Finnish provinces. In Barents Russia, the most popular name was Anastasia, Daria and, similar to Finland, Maria.      

The most popular names given to boys in Northern Norway were Lucas, Isak and William. In Northern Sweden the name William was also popular, along with Charlie, Oscar and Sixten. In Barents Finland, the most popular name for boys was Juhani, and in Barents Russia baby boys were named Aleksandr, Artyom and Maksim.    

The data has been assembled from the respective national statistical authorities, population registers and regional civil registry offices.