Newspaper wins case against border town boss

Editor Irina Iskorneva was accused of libel but acquitted by a local court.

Head of the Zapolyarny town administration sued newspaper Pechenga for libel, but lost in court.


Ivan Tsypilev felt that his reputation and dignity was encroached upon by the local newspaper. The weekly had critically assessed the town mayor’s role in the renovation of a local courtyard. In her article, newspaper editor Irina Iskorneva indirectly accused Mr Tsypilev for corrupt practices in connection with the construction works.

Tsypilev took the newspaper editor to court and demanded 100.000 rubles of compensation. However, the court wanted it otherwise and on 15 May rejected the claim, a press release from the Pechenga regional administration informs.

According to Iskorneva, only half of the Zapolyarny courtyard got a facelift in connection with the renovation in 2013. And only the part where town mayor Tsypilev himself lives.

“Who actually paid for the renovation, was it money from the local town budget or did it come from some private person?” Iskorneva asks in the article. “How come that only half of the courtyard, the part where Tsypilev lives, got new asphalt?” she adds.

In addition to being the editor of the Pechenga, Irina Iskorneva is also a member of the local Zapolyarny town Council.