Moscow aims at rule over Arctic media

Changing geopolitics is behind the new state-sponsored Arctic media initiative, Dmitry Rogozin says.

Russia will establish a major new media resource aimed at promoting Russian national interest in the Arctic.


The new state-sponsored media will help ”focus the whole flow of information about the Arctic”, Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin said in this Monday’s meeting in the State Commission on the Arctic.

He also underlined that changing geopolitics has made information support for Russian interests in the Arctic region ”an issue of key importance”, TASS reports.

The information tool will be developed as part of the state-owned TASS news agency and include a wide correspondent network, expert pools, analytic activities and more, Rogozin said.

The TASS-Arctic project will also include a wide range of events and conferences, the Deputy Prime Minister added.

According to the government representative, the new media is needed for not only for Russian citizens, but also for ”the formation of a positive international information background about Russian activities in the region”.

The new initiative will be developed in the ”near future”, TASS reports.

Commenting on the initiative, TASS Deputy General Director Konstantin Parshin says that the news portal will shed light on issues related to state initiatives, ranging from industrial developments to humanitarian issues.

”It will allow us to concentrate professional journalistic resources and contents in one place”, he underlines.