First Greenpeace activists out on bail

Protests in support of the Arctic 30 have been carried out all over the world. (Photo from

The first five Greenpeace activists have been released on bail from jail in St. Petersburg. 26 of the 30 arrested activists have so far been granted bail.


The bail hearings on the cases against the “Arctic 30” continued on Thursday. So far, 26 of the activists have been granted release on bail of 2 million rubles (app €45,505) each. Greenpeace immediately started paying the bails, and the first five people are already out of jail.

Amongst the released is captain of the vessel “Arctic Sunrise” Peter Willcox from the US.

It is unclear if the bailed activists’ movements will be restricted until their trial. Greenpeace said that none of the activists have gotten back their passports since their documents were confiscated during the seizure of the Arctic Sunrise ship by Russian security forces.

All the arrested face up to seven years in prison for their part in a September protest by Greenpeace activists in which they attempted to scale Gazprom’s “Prirazlomnaya” oil platform in the Pechora Sea.

The only activist so far to have his detention extended, is Colin Russell from Australia, who was the first one to have his case heard by the court on Monday. Australian authorities are trying to find out why his bid for bail has been refused.Australia’s ambassador in Moscow has made “senior level” representations on Mr Russell’s behalf, while Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has addressed the matter with the Russian ministry, AAP reports.