Long expedition for “Yamal”

Russian scientists will be studying ice conditions from aboard the icebreaker "Yamal". (Photo: Atomflot)

The nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal today leaves port of Murmansk for a two-month expedition to the Russian Arctic. The aim for the expedition is to study ice and weather conditions in the area to prepare for future oil and gas projects.


33 scientists from the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute will take part in the “Shelf-2014” scientific expedition, which is one of the largest since the Soviet Union.

The scientists will be studying the sea ice and all of its characteristics with the help of submersible vehicles, helicopters and drones. “The information we plan to collect is required before one can start drilling for hydrocarbons in this area”, head of the expedition Andrey Tyuryakov says to Murmansky Vestnik. “Our task is to secure future installations, or at least to minimize all risks.”

«Yamal» will sail through the Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea all the way to the New Sibierian Islands. The amount of sea ice in the area is at its peak right now, with a thickness of up to two meters in the Laptev Sea.