New icebreaker for Russian Arctic

Russia's new diesel-engined icebreaker will operate in the Arctic. Illustration:

The Baltiisky Yard starts the construction of Russia’s biggest and most modern diesel-engined icebreaker.


The construction launch of the 25 megawatt vessel of the 22600 project was marked last week in Sankt Petersburg. The ship, the biggest of Russia’s diesel-engined icebreakers, is designed for operations in Arctic waters, ship design company Petrobalt informs.

According to the company, the vessel will be 146,8 meters long and have a deadweight of 22258 tons. It will have a crew of 38 and will be able to operate autonomously for 60 days in up to two meters thick ice.

The ship will be ready by the end of 2015, General Director of the Baltiisky Yard, Aleksandr Vosnesenky, says to

The construction contract is worth 7,25 billion RUB.

As previously reported, the Baltiisky Yard recently also won the contract on the construction of Russia’s new nuclear powered icebreaker, the LK-60.

The new contracts are of major importance for the yard, which for several years has been on the verge of bankruptcy.