Russia deploys 18 emergency aircraft to the Arctic

Russia enhances emergency preparedness in the Arctic by deploying more helicopters and aircraft at the country’s northernmost airports.


Considering the peculiarities with the Arctic zone, the Federal Air Transport Agency has decided to increase the numbers of aircraft that can take part in search and rescue operations in the region.

Not only is the Northern Sea Route expected to become a major traffic route between Europe And Asia, but there are also nuclear power plants, nuclear icebreakers, nuclear navy vessels and other potentially dangerous objects that can cause emergency situations in the area.

Ten helicopters (Mi-8 or Ka-27) and eight aircraft (Il-76, An-26 or An-74) will be stationed at airports in Murmansk, on Novaya Zemlya, on the island of Dikson in the Kara Sea and on Mys Shmidta in the Far East, RIA Novosti reports.

Russia is in the process of establishing ten rescue centers along its northern shores. Nearly €23.4 million will be invested in the centers, where a total of 980 persons will be working. The first center is planned to be opened in Dudinka this summer.