Port, ore and salmon top investment priorities

The Murmansk harbour.

The list of top federal investment priorities for Northwest Russia includes five projects in Murmansk Oblast.


The list, which was recently signed by PM Vladimir Putin, includes five projects in Murmansk Oblast, a press release from the Murmansk regional administration informs. A high stress is on the development of local ports, mineral and metal ore extraction and aquaculture.

Russian federal authorities want to see the Murmansk Transport Hub developed. The project, which includes both the development of port and railway infrastructure, as well as a number of industrial facilities, is seen as a key for the region’s ability to engage more actively in offshore activities, both shipping and energy projects.

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Moscow also gives priority to several ore extraction projects in the region. These are first of all the ore processing capacities of the Oleny Ruchey apatite mine, the project operated by the Northwest Phosphorous Company, a subsidiary of Acron; the development and modernization of the Kovdorsluyd company; and the development of the Fyodorova Tundra, the huge projected platinum project.

All the mining projects are located in the tundra in the central parts of the Kola peninsula.

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In addition, the federal government also wants to see the development of aquaculture along the Barents Sea coast. A key site for regional aquaculture development is the Pechenga Bay, the fjord located along the border to Norway.

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