Woman wins Finnmarksløpet for second time

The 1000 km long dog sledge race Finnmarksløpet was won by Inger-Marie Haaland. She crossed the finish line in Alta this afternoon.


This was the second time Haaland (50) participated in the race and, as in 2009 last time, she won the prestigious race, leaving the other 51 competitors behind in the track. Haaland led the race since the last check point in Karasjok.

Finnmarksløpet is Europe’s northernmost dog sledge race and the world’s second longest after Iditarod in Alaska. Finnmarksløpet runs from Alta in West-Finnmark to Kirkenes in East-Finnmark and back again. The race started last Saturday, and Haaland has spent six days out in the tracks together with her dogs.

 Finnmarksløpet was first arranged in 1981, and the number of participants has grown every year. This year 52 dog sledders took part in the 1000 kilometers long race, while another 67 took part in the shorter 500 kilometers race.

The 500 kilometer race was also won by a woman this year, 41 years old Katy Meier from Slagnäs, Sweden.